From True Blood to Once Upon A Time and everything in between : A chat with GILES MATTHEY

From True Blood to Once Upon A Time, Giles Matthey agreed to make a stop (well, he can’t go anywhere with the confinement) and answer to a few questions. Talking about Robin Williams, his departure to New York when he was 22, conventions and even his ARMS, take a deep breath and enjoy Giles’ words.

Jean : How are you, how are you living this whole COVID_19 situation ?

Giles Matthey : I am ok. Dealing with things as best I can. Think it’s a scary time but it is bringing us together so there is a lot of hope too and the health care workers are incredible.
Back to something happier, you had the huge honor to play with Robin Williams, how was it ? Have you learned something from this incredible actor ?

Yes. I was so lucky to work with him. A legend . He was honestly the nicest guy and i learnt humility from him. He was so kind and a gentle soul.
From 2012 to 2013, you played Claude Crane in True Blood, what was the best part of portraying this character ? Especially because it was a character portrayed initially by Neil Hopkins.

Coming on to such a big show I felt so lucky and felt a responsibility to bring my A game. It was a lovely cast and crew and was an incredible first gig!
How old were you when you decided to move to New York to become an actor ? Do you remember being afraid ?

I was 21/22 when I went to NYC to acting school. I was afraid of not knowing if it would work out and guess what , I’m still afraid! Ha. I think fear plays a big part of actors lives to different degrees but it has a habit of always being there.
Did you have a plan B in case your acting career wasn’t going anywhere (as it’s a complicated industry) ?

I had no plan B but I did go to university and obtain a degree in History so I kind of thought I could use that in some capacity if it didn’t work out.
 So, as a matter of fact, you’re mostly known for playing Gideon in the season 6 of Once Upon A Time (best season ever, shall we agree ?). Do you know how huge the show was before doing it ?

I was aware of the show before being on it but was always a big Robert Carlyle fan so I was excited and nervous to work with him!
 What are your favorite moments on the set of Once Upon A Time ? 

Probably working with Jaime Murray, Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin. We had a lot of laughs!


Was it strange to call someone who’s nearly your age « mum » (Emilie De Ravin)  ?

I think it wasn’t too strange as nothing really surprises you when you do fantasy genre shows. Think I played Sookie Stackhouse’s fairy god father in True Blood so the age thing is always changing ha!


Did you prefer to play Dark or Good Gideon ? What’s thrilling about playing an evil character ?

I think I prefer to play dark Gideon as there can be more range however I don’t think any character is completely all bad or all good. There are layers to play with as an actor.


 Are you often learning more about you and life changing stuffs thanks to characters you’re interpreting ?

Oh yeah of course, always learning and always changing . An actor’s job is to get as close to real life as possible and we can use our personal experiences to help with that . So yeah I’m always learning and always changing .


You’re often doing conventions, why is it important for you to meet your fans ?

When you do a show that has a following such as OUAT, it’s really important to try and meet and interact with as many fans as possible , they are the reason the show is popular and most of them know more about the show than you ha! OUAT fans are truly special and I re read fan mail and looked over the drawings and things , truly it’s a privilege to be part of a show that brings such happiness to people.


I can’t believe I’m going to ask this but, as you may or not know, since The Happy Ending convention in Paris, your fans are obsessed with..YOUR ARMS! They wanted to know, what are you doing to have these perfect arms? (it’s a real question and it’s not from me)

Haha! I loved the happy ending convention , I hope to come back again soon, hopefully they will invite me. Well I work out quite regularly and I think it’s just lifting weights . I do three exercises on biceps and three exercises of triceps , nothing too crazy but I’m glad they got acknowledged (laughs).


Speaking of your fans, do you have a message for them?

Yes I do ! Thank you for all your support. I still can’t believe the love and kindness you guys show me. Like I said , I re read my letters and messages from all of the conventions I went to and i got overwhelmed with emotion reading your kindness. I love you all and I really hope to see you all soon hopefully at a convention. Thank you!!!!!


Jean Grenson

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