Zoey’s extraordinary playlist : Review

Have you ever thought to yourself, “A good actor is often also a good singer”? Well, I think I’ve made that point a lot myself. Lately, it’s while watching the last NBC series: Zoey’s extraordinary playlist, that I made it. This show is supported by a talented cast both in terms of acting and singing, it’s a bit complex when you don’t have talent. Rather when you think you don’t have talent, I assure you that whoever you are, you have talent. It’s not just something artistic.

Zoey’s extraordinary playlist is the story of a young woman, Zoey, who suddenly finds herself endowed with a gift. She has the ability to hear people’s thoughts through a song. It’s hard to explain, so I think the best thing to do is to post the trailer :


The highlight of the show is its originality. The concept, although it’s crazy, is full of freshness. Far from similar concepts and the wave of reboots, Hollywood has finally had an atypical idea!


The characters are endearing, they all hide the difficult situation they’re going through, it’s a bit like what we do every day. You get up, get ready and put on your best smile, even if a broken heart can hide inside. That’s the main message of the series : What you see on the outside doesn’t reflect what’s on the inside.


So sometimes you have to be compassionate, try to dig deeper to help the person in front of you.


This boss who is busting your balls, she actually finds you competent but she is constantly belittled by her husband. Morally exhausted, she takes it out on you. That’s the role played by Lauren Graham.  The actress, best known to audiences for her role as Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, is making a comeback, like a wrecking ball, in a role that suits her so well. She’s swapped the speed of her talking flow for song and it works!

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This guy with a charming physique, who has a good job and the salary that goes with it, he lacks nothing, everything seems to fill him up. Yet, in reality, he can’t get over the death of his father. John Clarence Stewart, who plays Simon, Zoey’s crush, is the first person she comes to the aid of. Like all of us, she had let herself be carried away by the stereotypes mentioned above and when he sings “Mad World” to her, she remains perplexed because he has everything to be happy, on the surface.

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Let’s talk about Zoey, played by Jane Levy, who I find ravishing, both physically and in her acting. Zoey also carries a heavy baggage, her father is paralyzed by an illness. When she is happy, she feels like she is betraying him. When she feels the world crumbling beneath her feet, all she would want are her father’s arms and precious advices. So she arouses viewers’ compassion because she has to listen to everyone, she can’t ignore her gift, and deal with her personal problems at the same time. Indeed, no one will hear her singing her inner song.

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We are also given some emotional moments because yes, Zoey is able to see her father animated when he sings.

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Another strong point of the show is its gay-friendly side. It features an eccentric character, to say the least: Mo played by the divine Alex Newell.

For Glee fans, you could see Alex as Unique Adams in the flagship series created by Ryan Murphy!

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In Zoey’s extraordinary playlist, Mo, although he adopts the look that is conventionally reserved for women, is a man. I said conventionally because for me, in fashion, there should be no gender barriers. Everyone is free to express themselves through their clothing, that’s what fashion is, a means of expression. Plus, chicks always have the most choices!

Today, the series is only in its fifth episode but its beginning is promising, as long as the producers keep the right chords.

Exceptionally, I’m going to give a note to this series, it’s not at all representative of the quality of the show, it’s only the reflection of my own opinion. In my opinion, it deserves a rating of : 🎵/10 !


By jeangrenson

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