The Morning Show : Season one review


Apple TV+ takes the #MeToo era by storm in this new production starring an epic duo, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.

The Morning show tells the story of how a corrupt television channel turns a blind eye to the sexual assaults of Mitch (Steve Carell), TMS host, on his female colleagues.

Mitch (Steve Carell), credit Google

First of all, we doubt Mitch is guilty. It’s true, he seems like a pretty good guy, he’s got that anchor face you want to see every morning between coffee and brushing your teeth. This doubt is reinforced by the interview with the woman who made the accusations. This woman does not seem credible, particularly because she claims that Mitch never forced her to do anything, that she went willingly. Well, at this point we say to ourselves but what is this show trying to do?

Perhaps it serves to denounce the abusive behaviors, the false declarations that the MeToo movement has engendered. I don’t have to remind you that when this movement grew, a lot of men were falsely accused.

A lot of men were also rightly accused, don’t make me say what I didn’t say.

When I watched that episode, that was my first reaction, and I’m telling it here, now.
Then, we move on and the show gives us a flashback episode (the 8th) that shows us the true face of Mitch. The TMS team is in Las Vegas to cover the attacks. Mitch takes advantage of the vulnerability of Hannah, a newcomer in the team, to rape her in his hotel room for what was supposed to be a nice evening in front of a comedy.

There, the audience is convinced that Mitch is guilty. It will have taken 8 episodes to be sure. It maintains the suspense so it’s a good point. The fact that we only get one flashback episode is also a good point. The producers didn’t try to fill any gaps, we all don’t care about Mitch’s past. They went to the heart of the matter and showed us enough to understand that the accusations against him are true.

Hannah, she didn’t get the ending I wanted for her, but it seemed to be the only possible ending to knock heads, including the big boss of the network who bought Hannah’s silence by offering her a promotion.

credit Google

Hannah’s death leads step by step to the awakening of Alex Levy who, shocked, confessed to the audience what’s going on behind the screen. She blames herself for having closed her eyes to what was happening every day at work and I can only appreciate the progression of this self-centered character. She finally has a voice that she uses to take control and tell the truth, at last.

Alex Lexy (Jennifer Aniston), credit Google

Jennifer Aniston returns to us in a different role from those in which we have seen her since her success in FRIENDS. I have discovered that Jennifer is not just a comedy actress, she can do something else and she does it well. One small exception is that she can’t cry. No, she can’t.

If there is one character behind Alex’s awakening, it is her new teammate since Mitch’s departure, Bradley Jackson! This journalist doesn’t fit the mold and that’s what I loved about her. Bradley believes that the job of a journalist is to tell people the truth, whether it’s beautiful or not, and not to wrap things in cotton wool. People need to know that it stinks like shit and that they better get off their asses and do something about it if they want a future tomorrow. That is Bradley’s philosophy, which I share, intensely. His character is not always perfect,she’s a little bit naive, which makes you want to shake her. (In the good sense of the word)

Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), credit Google

Reese Witherspoon, who gave birth to Bradley, is amazing in this role. I think it’s the best role of her career. She makes us go through all the emotions, from laughter (when she’s exhausted) to tears (she knows how to cry). She is without a doubt the pillar of this series, without her, the show would be much too heavy to watch.

While surfing on the internet, I saw that the series was renewed. Given the end on which we were left, I am kind of glad about it.  But a season 2, like a lot of shows today, will do more harm than good. Money is good but limiting a program to one season to keep all the quality is better.
If I were to write season 2, I would stage male rape victims, because there are also men who have been raped and this is not emphasized enough. I would condemn the entire TMS team who knew about Mitch’s actions because bad things happen and will continue to happen because people turn a blind eye, not because they report.

I would also bring to light cases of men and women who have been wrongly accused. It is these accusations and the tumult of them that have totally, in my personal opinion, undermined the MeToo movement (but also the flow of information that we can no longer manage and that every day bombards us with bad news, leading to a feeling of weariness). The real victims pay the price because the false accusations have caused a loss of empathy and a boredom.

I encourage the producers of the series to find the right story to get the MeToo movement back on track because this movement matters. Still today in 2020 there are rapes, every day. They happen to men and women, girls and boys.

Weinstein’s recent conviction will only be a short pause in the hunt for these predators.

credit Google


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