Locke and Key : Season one review

Can I start by saying that since I watched the new Netflix series “Locke and Key” inspired by Joe Hill’s (son of a certain Stephen King) comics, I’m strongly attracted physically by one of the stars of the show, Connor Jessup? Too late I said it.

While I was preparing this review, I discovered that Connor is a very committed gay actor and it’s nice to see! It’s ridiculous but as a gay man, I always feel a certain pride and personal relief to see that lgbtq+ people succeed, I’m not going to make a debate about it but when you’re gay, you feel like you’re already going into life with a bullet in your foot, a feeling that it’s going to be harder for you. It may not be your reality, but it’s mine and I’m open to hearing, reading yours.


Connor Jessup’post on Instagram, 24 June 2019




So I’ll start by saying that I give a big positive point for giving the role of a heterosexual character to a gay actor. Thank you for not falling into the stereotype of “He’s not badass enough to play the role of a REAL guy”.





Locke and Key is the story of a grieving family trying to rebuild their lives by moving from Seattle to Key House, their family’s ancestral home.

Summary : After the murder of their father, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode leave Seattle, decision of their mother Nina and move to Keyhouse, the ancestral home of their family which is located in Matheson. As the family tries to rebuild their lives and bonds as a family, the three children soon discover that their new home hides many secrets when they discover magic keys that give incredible powers to the one who has them, such as the ability to turn into a ghost or to move from one place to another (as long as they’ve seen the door leading to the place before). They are not the only ones who know about the existence of these keys : a demonic creature named Dodge (Lucas) is also looking for the keys in order to open the Black Door, the one that separates our world from the world of demons.

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The story doesn’t seem very new, because it’s the same in many fantasy stories : the hero(s) arrive(s) in a mysterious place, discover magical objects and try to protect it from an evil protagonist.

Then, we quickly fall into the kind of series made in Riverdale because the love relationship of the two elders takes a bit of space and doesn’t add anything to the story. They are just there to fill in the gaps, maybe extend the series, who knows.

That said, when we discover in the last episode that Kinsey’s boyfriend is actually Dodge/Lucas, it’s opening a door for a good plot that could make the teenager’s love relationship interesting.

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Speaking of the ending, this is the kind of ending I love but also hate. Let me explain: There’s a lot going on, there’s action, it’s exciting and it keeps us on the edge of our seats until the end. At the end of the series, we’re all on Twitter asking Netflix for season 2.

Sans titre
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That’s what I love and hate at the same time. I hate it because in retrospect, I have the feeling that they gave everything they had on the last episode, everything happens and resolves itself very quickly which leads for me to a completely botched episode. The fight with the shadows and Dodge is settled in 2 seconds even if we understand why at the end, it’s still disappointing that the confrontation was resolved so quickly when we were waiting for it since the first episode!

Everything has been thought for the public to ask for a second season, it’s business I understand but how can a man be satisfied with his work when he messed up the last episode of his show to get the agreement to continue with a second season ?

It’s a pity because the story is good, I’m a critic but I’m still a fan of the series and yet I don’t like “teen” series !

The casting, is for me the best asset of the series.

Darby Stanchfield who plays Nina Locke (the mother) is sensational, I want to know more about Nina, her past as an alcoholic and the reasons that led her to become an addict. By the way, even then, the story has been botched, Nina starts drinking again and manages to stop straight away without any help…? It’s possible but it seems more complicated than that in real life. Maybe this will be one of the plots of season 2.

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Jackson Robert Scott, Bode Locke. They couldn’t have found a more perfect young actor to play the role of Bode. He’s got it all, the looks, the talent, he’s got me totally sold. I believed in every word he said. I was particularly moved by Bode’s desire to be seen by his sister and brother as someone equal to them and to stop being sidelined for his protection because he has experienced the same joys and sorrows, he is able to help and protect the keys just like they do.

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Connor Jessup, my introduction may be enough to know what I think of this actor, but I don’t want to reduce him to just a physical appareance and sexual orientation because he is much more than that. Tyler is the big brother and now the man of the family, he has a huge weight on his shoulders, especially because he feels guilty about his father’s death. Losing oneself, hating oneself for whatever reason, failure, the desire to protect one’s own, these are feelings with which the audience can feel familiar and Connor manages to make us feel them wonderfully, we understand and identify ourselves to his character.

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Emilia Jones a.k.a. Kinsey Locke. Kinsey is the teenage girl we’ve all met before, a tough-looking, fearless and perceived as completely nuts girl who is actually the loving, fragile and caring girl. It is therefore difficult not to become attached to this character to whom Emilia has given life. I got attached to her but at the same time, she was unbearable for me because it is a stubborn (especially when she gets rid of her fear) and complex character. It’s a nice compliment for Emilia because it’s not easy to play a character loved and hated at the same time by the audience!


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Locke and Key has a wonderful and talented cast that made us travel in the universe of Mr.Hill during 10 episodes well written and pleasant to watch even if there were some sloppy moments as well as moments that were useless to fill gaps to extend the series.

I won’t give a rating to the series because I find it reductive and finally, what does it represent? Absolutely nothing. Just like this review, it represents nothing for you who read it, it’s just my simple opinion. Everything that is said here is only my personal judgment and doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the show, whether my criticism is negative or positive, I encourage you to look anyway and make your own opinion. I’ve skipped too many masterpieces by listening to other people’s opinions.

There will undoubtedly be a season 2 of Locke and Key and I can’t wait for it. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this question :

If you could own one of the magic keys, which one would you choose and why?



By jeangrenson

IG : @jeangrensoncca

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