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Jason Earles – Interview

I’m bringing you back to your childhood in this interview with Jason Earles who’s best known as the hilarious Jackson Stewart in the show that revelead Miley Cyrus, Hannah Montana.

The Disney’s star agreed to have this chat with me about his Disney career in Hannah Montana, Kickin’ It and recently in High School Musical : The Musical : The series. Jason has surely gets the best of both world!

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Interviews Youtube

William Moseley – Interview

This guy has the coolest wardrobe ever. You all know him as King Peter Pevensie in Narnia or Prince Liam Henstridge in The Royals (yes, he’s very attracted by royalty).

I’m of course talking about the majestic William Moseley ! William is on live from New Mexico where he’s shooting a new movie and he kindly agreed to have this conversation with me.

In this interview, we’re talking about his past in one of the biggest franchise ever, Narnia. You’ll learn that even though “the lion, the witch and the wardrobe” has been released 15 years ago, it’s been a way longer journey for William.

We’re also discussing about not Narnia related things like him being struck by lightning and his new superpowers🤯⚡️ There’s a lot to discover about William Moseley in this interview, want to know? You don’t have to enter in your wardrobe to join us, you just have to press play and then leave a comment💃🏼 Hope you’ll enjoy it!


Kelly Rutherford – Interview

In this new interview, I’m talking with Gossip Girl’s star Kelly Rutherford ! Kelly is such a lovely person to chat with. She’s so humble and cares about people.

We’re talking about Gossip Girl, the impact of a role on an actor/actress’s personal life & more!

You want some gossips ? Just press play.


Karen David – Interview

In this new video, I’m having a tea with the inspiring Karen David.

Karen is the princess from a whole new world, she came in this world to inspire us with her words of encouragement & wisdom.

Also, she’s an actress who played in many popular shows like : Galavant, Legacies, Once Upon A Time & recently she’s killing it in Fear the Walking Dead.

In this interview, we’re talking about the elections, following our dreams, her own show “Tea with Karen” & many other things.

Be ready to have a great time!


The one who can’t hear Paige – Bloopers

In this video, you’ll get to see 13 minutes (I kept my promise) of the actress and wonderful human being, Paige Turco and I dealing with technical difficulties ! Be careful, don’t put anything in your mouth during this video because it’s hilarious !

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Paige Turco – Interview

To be honest, this one feels more like a conversation than an interview. I love it, that’s an idea of what I’m trying to reach with my channel and my life.

In this conversation, I’m talking with Paige Turco who’s first an incredible human being and then a super talented actress. Paige is best known by the audience for her role as Abby Griffin in The 100.

We’re talking about her experience in that show and the impact of it on her life. If you’re a fan of Paige, I can assure you’ll (truly) see her like you never did before !

Are you ready for an emotional hour of fun ?!

PS : Due to technical difficulties, we couldn’t finished the interview but watch the video until the very end for a special surprise ! #SOON

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Alison Arngrim – Interview

Let’s go for a trip to Walnut Grove ! Like it or not, “The Little House on the Prairie” is a part of EVERYONE childhood. 👧🏿👦🏼

My mum watched it over and over (she’s still watching it). Every schoolday, she used to wake me up by calling me “country girl” (in reference to the show) & that’s my best childhood memory.

So, this one is for her! I’m thrilled to share with you my interview with the hilarious Alison Arngrim who played the prairie b*tch Nellie Oleson on this historic show.

Alison has multiple hats, she is a New York Times best selling author, an actress, producer, radio host and many more !

In this interview, we’re talking about her favorite hat (besides bonnethead), how does she lived dark years of her life when people were only seeing her as Nellie,…

This is an hilarious interview and everybody should watch it, I promise you gonna have some much fun!

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Heather Morris (Glee) – Interview

Hello fellow friends from the Glee club!

This week’s assignement for me was to interview the Swiss Army Knife, Heather Morris! Heather has played Brittany S. Pierce (not to be mistaken with Britney Spears) in the phenomenal show, Glee.


In addition of being a talented artist, Heather is an icon & role model for LGBTQ+ community. She and Naya Rivera brought to us a beautiful lesbian relationship that helped so many people in their journey of self’s acceptance & I believe, it’s something that will last forever.

Since the very beginnig of this crazy adventure, Glee has always been on my list & I’m more than thrilled to share with you all this interview, with this awesome human being. Enjoy & remember, don’t stop believing. Go chase your dreams! song : I wanna dance with somebody – Glee cast version


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Tasya Teles (The 100) : Interview

People from Wonkru, This week, I’ve had the honor to interview one of the lead actresses of The 100.

She played Echo (such an uncommon & lovely name isn’t it?!), the badass with the golden heart for 6 years of her life & gosh, she did a great job.

I’m thrilled today to share with you my new interview with the delightful, talented Tasya Teles!! I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Feel free to leave a comment. From the ashes, we will rise.


Song : Toxic by 2WEI (original song by Britney Spears)




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Sachin Sahel (The 100) : Interview

Hello space walkers, this message is send from The Ark. This week, I’ve had the pleasure to interview Sachin Sahel aka Eric Jackson in The 100.

Thanks to his role, Sachin had the opportunity to represent the Indian community & LGBTQ+ during 7 years on The 100.

Representation on screen is something that’s very important and I’m proud to post this interview with someone who’s using his talent to make this world, a better world.

To know more about his experience, press play!

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, especially if you’ve something negative to say, I like to improve myself.

Song : Radioactive by Imagine Dragons